Summer is here. Temperatures are up and everyone is trying her best to look for ways to stay out of the heat or to get the most out of their AC units while at home. While your air conditioners keep you comfortable during the summer months, these things also consume a lot of power. The average household spends approximately 420 dollars on energy to cool their home. Although this is a big amount, you shouldn’t have to endure the heat this summer just to save a few bucks. You can choose to be wise about cooling your house instead. Below are 5 ways to save money and energy while cooling your house this summer:

Check and Replace Your Air Filters 

A dirty air filter can greatly lessen the overall energy efficiency of your home cooling system. It is recommended to change air filters regularly, typically every month. It is also advisable to check them regularly, so that they can be replaced right away in case the filters are dirty. Dirty filters stress the system and make it work harder because it slows down airflow.  If dirt is accumulated, it can lead to system failure, causing you more money. You can plan to change air filters at least once every three months, to keep the dirt and dust away from your system.

Maintain Your Equipment Regularly

Maintaining and cleaning your HVAC system will make sure that you get the most out of it. It will perform at its optimal capacity.  You can check your cooling system’s evaporator and condenser air-conditioner coils, refrigerant levels, and adjust its blower components. Proper and regular maintenance, will help save you money in the long run, because major repairs can be prevented. Harris Air Services delivers Air Conditioning and Heating Services. Their services include AC and Heater repair, replacement and installation and emergency HVAC services.

Set/Adjust the Thermostat

If you are not around during the day, you can adjust the thermostat. If no one is home, there is no reason to keep your home cooled at the lowest degree possible. According to research, if you adjust the thermostat by around 7 to 10 degrees while you are not at home, you can save up to ten percent on cooling costs. You can also invest on a programmable thermostat.

Seal Air Leaks and Cracks

Making sure that warm/hot air is kept out of the house is vital to keeping and staying cool during the summer months. You can check if there are any cracks around the edges of your windows and doors, and seal them up. You can get a caulk gun from a nearby hardware store to help seal leaks. This will lower your overall cooling costs during summer. This may even help lower heating costs during the winter as well. Sealing leaks and cracks can also improve the overall performance of you HVAC system.

Use Fans to Help Cool a Room

If you have a central air conditioning, turning on or installing a ceiling fan can help you increase the temperature setting a few more degrees. It can help distribute cool air around your house without losing comfort. If you have a window type air cooling unit, you can try to use a stand fan to spread the cool air into the other parts of the room.

Make sure to take note of these tips so that you can save money on your electricity bills and still keep yourself comfortable throughout the rest of these hot summer days.