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The Trusted Frisco Air Conditioning Repair Experts
Experienced in Residential AC Installation
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You wouldn’t want a client inside your building to get drenched in sweat because of a hot 104°F temperature in August or get frozen with a frigid 16°F December, would you?

Essential to a happy home in Frisco is a good HVAC system. It keeps you and your family relaxed comfortable, and when you are comfortable, you get to relax and enjoy life instead of trying to figure out how to get cooled down. Alternately, when the AC is broken during a Texas summer, no one can relax indoors.

The Trusted Frisco Air Conditioning Repair Experts

When your home AC goes out, it may be because of its age, poor maintenance practices, or it might just be at the end of its service life. Whatever the case, if your AC breaks down you need to call trained professionals for repairs quickly. Any delay can result in rapidly changing temperatures inside your house.

At Harris Air Services, our team of seasoned professionals will make sure that your air-conditioning unit is back up and running in no time. We have NATE-certified technicians who have extensive experience in repairing and maintaining all makes and models of ACs.

We understand the importance of timely repair and proper maintenance of AC’s to help you save on repairs and replacements that are easily preventable.

What sets us apart from other repair outfits is our commitment to provide quality service without the astronomical cost that is usually charged by other companies. Plus, we understand that your time is valuable, so we make it a point to set appointments when it is most convenient for you.

Experienced in Residential AC Installation

So you’ve decided to get a new A/C unit for your house. The catch is you are not sure which one to buy and how to install the unit. Yes there are many DIY videos on the internet, and you are quite handy with tools, but nothing beats the expertise of a trained HVAC professional.

The things to remember when it comes to AC’s include the appropriate size of the AC unit, insulation, windows, among others. This is it ensure that the unit installed provides the most cost-effective choice for your particular needs.

Too big means higher bills, too small means insufficient cooling. We can help you avoid this problem.

Let us guide you through the many complexities that come with choosing the best AC unit for your home. We will even help you choose the unit with rebates and warranty offers.

Harris Air Services – Trusted for Home Heater and Furnace Repair

For a busy person like you, you might be that keen on looking over a long list of heater repair professional areas in your area. Besides, you already might be freezing because of your busted heater.

Our team of trained HVAC professionals is experienced in repairing all kinds of heaters and can get yours up and running in no time to keep you warm and fuzzy throughout the winter.

We also provide regular tune-up services to make sure that your heater is always in top shape.

So if there’s a problem with your heater, call us immediately.