Annual Events In Frisco Texas

Frisco Texas is a big city with different programs happening in it every year. People converge from different locations of the world to grace different festivities in that community.  Frisco inhabitants organize different events to make the year smooth all round.

If you are in Frisco Texas, and desires going on or joining in some events in that environs, may be you are faraway and want to visit the state for the first time, look no further, here are notable annual events in Frisco Texas.

Arts In The Square (March 24 & 25)

The Frisco Arts in the Square takes place in Frisco Square and always converge more than 120 artists from within and afar. The artists on convergence have opportunity to sell their handmade products to foreigners, local and regional visitors.

There are many categories to compete on at the Art in the Square Festival: Wood, Photography, Metal, Leather, Jewelry, Glass, Textiles, Pottery, Graphics/Fine Arts and miscellaneous.

During the festival, you have the advantage to listen to upcoming musicians, see local celebrities, and watch stage performance from musicians and comedians alike.

The program comes with interactive sections, get to yourselves, and state of the earth tantalizing delicacies from topnotch restaurants.

The art festival is a fine art and craft program juried by respected artists and proudly supported by who is who in Frisco Texas. Gains from the festival is used in assisting local Non-Governmental Organizations by organizing an Empty Bowls booth benefiting Frisco Family Services.

Paddy Dash
organizers of this event says this is the tenth year they have been organizing the competition. The Paddy Dash in Frisco witnesses thousands of people from around the world. It staged in the middle of March in the Frisco Square.

The runs are in different categories and are not limited to 1 miles walk or run, 5K run, 50-yard dash for children who are below age 10. During the program, families are entertained with lots of musics, games, and free meals and drinks.

Frisco Freedom Fest

The Frisco Freedom Festival is a gathering that celebrates American Independence in freedom-inclined way. The program is laced with tantalizing foods, music from known and upcoming artists from different places. The entrance is designed with descent fireworks. The event comes up at the Simpson Plaza at George A. Purefoy Municipal Center.

Frisco Freedom Fest comes up every July, in the presence of freedom loving Americans from within and outside the country. The idea is supported by many companies, and always features many a number of musicians.

Lewisville Western Days
Every September, Lewisville Western Days are marked as a sign of American embrace of Texas’ cowboy heritage. It is staged at the Western Days Festival in Lewisville. Lewisville Western Days is a two-day program with different entertainment events. It features eating competition, cooking, car show, music among other thing.

Frisco Texas is home to many events in the world, visiting the place especially during this festive time is an awesome opportunity.