Is Your House Wasting Energy?

The HVAC system is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in any home. It has an important job to accomplish, which is why it uses the most energy. Some units even operate for the whole day, every day which can eventually damage the HVAC system, and an inefficient unit can make your home uncomfortable. Identifying energy saving opportunities is good for both for the environment and for your utility bills. Here are some mistakes that indicate that your house is wasting energy:

Setting the Wrong Temperature for the Thermostat

It is often said that setting a temperature for your thermostat and then leaving it on its own is the correct way to save in energy. However, the truth is that increasing and decreasing the thermostat to the right temperature at definite times during the day can conserve natural resources, and save energy bills as well.

Purchasing an Appliance That Is Too Large

Although we are in Texas, bigger is not always better. This is especially true when looking at how HVAC systems work. An HVAC system that is too big for your house will make it harder to cool or heat it and causes it to cycle frequently. The frequent on and off will also cause trouble getting rid of humidity, and that will leave you sticky in the summer even when you are inside your house.

Neglecting to Change the Air Filter

Another mistake is using the wrong filter and neglecting to change it. Filters are intended to let air pass through, and that is the way your HVAC system can breathe. It is quite easy to exchange a dirty filter to a new one. Filters are also cheap so it will not be that hat. A dirty filter will result in dirty air, and wrong ones will strain the HVAC system. A blocked filter with accumulated dust will hinder the system’s ability to breathe the way it should. This causes inefficiency and it strains the unit, therefore wasting energy. You can check your filter once a month so that you can see if it needs replacing.

Wrong Heating and Cooling Areas

Blocking and shutting doors may be the easy way to decide on which parts to cool and warm your home. However, blocked vents actually hinder the circulation of your system. Instead of opting close your vents and doors, you can ask an HVAC expert about obstructions in the tubes in your home. Heating and cooling the right area in your home can be a lifesaver if you want to save energy. You can choose to put air conditioners in rooms that you frequently use instead. This can avoid wasting energy, and reduce costs and can also allow you to lessen warming and cooling airflow in areas where there are hot or cold spots. It can help you get a more even temperature.

Identifying and avoiding these common mistakes will help you save energy and utility costs. If you are really serious about saving energy, you should trust Harris Air Services with all your HVAC needs. We are a licensed and insured Heating and Air Conditioning Company in McKinney, TX. We have a wide variety of services such are HVAC repair, replacement, installation, and emergency maintenance services. We provide top of the line services and are committed to you are sure to receive the service that is dependable, trustworthy and ethical.