Summer is the best time of the year for may people because it is the opportunity to travel and go on a vacation with your loved ones. However, if you live in Texas, it can be scorching hot outside during the season. It may feel like the sweat may seem that it isn’t going anywhere. 2015 was actually recorded as the warmest season since 1880. Although the heat can negatively impact our mood, body and even our bank account, there are ways to beat it.

It can be challenging, but you need to learn how to adapt, below are some tips you can follow so that you can deal with the sweltering and uncomfortable summer that is just around the corner:

  1. Stay Hydrated

One of the primary things to do in order to beat the heat during summer is to drink water regularly. You can carry a water bottle and refill it constantly so that you will not be in danger of getting dehydrated. During this season, also try to stay away from alcohol, or don’t consume too much of it. This is because it contains high amounts of sugar that may cause you to lose fluids fast. When the temperature is high, stick to drinking water.

  1. Try Changing or Replacing Your Lights

If you are using incandescent bulbs or lights in your house, you can try switching to compact fluorescent lights, or even better, change them to LEDs. This is because and incandescent bulb generates a large amount of heat, and almost ninety percent of the energy it produces is heat. This can even hurt your overall electricity bill.

  1. Close the Windows and Curtains When the Sun is Out to Block it

Another way to keep your house cool this summer is to shut the windows and block out the sun during the day. By doing this, you can keep the heat from entering your home, and it will protect you from the radiation as well.

  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

You can also use a programmable thermostat so that you can set the temperature anytime during the day. You can set it to work only when you are inside your home. There are various models you can choose from, and installing a programmable thermostat is relatively easy.  \

  1. Try Using a Ceiling Fan

A fan can make a room in your home feel cooler. This will also work great together with an air conditioner because aside from keeping your home cool, it will also dehumidify it. Make sure that you set the fan counter clockwise so that it will keep your room cool.

  1. Check the Ducts

If you have ducts that are leaking, it can affect overall air conditioning efficiency. Make sure that your HVAC system and your ducts are working properly. You can contact an HVAC expert to check them. They can also tune up your air conditioning so that you are more prepared for summer. They can also clean or change your filters, unplug your coils, and unblock the drains. Harris Air Services offer air conditioning, repairs, and maintenance services in McKinney, Texas. Their skilled professionals give their best to make sure that your concerns and problems are addressed during the first visit.