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HVAC Pros Explain the Results of Neglecting Heater Maintenance

Harris Air Services understands your need for a warm and comfortable indoor space in the winter. This is why we advise homeowners to stay up-to-date with heater maintenance, so they won’t be left out in the cold.  

Let’s see what happens if you neglect heating maintenance in McKinney, TX.

Your System Experiences Frequent Breakdowns

HVACFurnaces or any heating systems that go without maintenance tend to malfunction more often than expected. With regular use, it’s common for heaters to overheat, wear out quickly, or fail completely. As a result, you’ll likely have to spend on costly heating repair in McKinney, TX.

Routine maintenance can do wonders in your system. It increases efficiency, reduces unnecessary wear, and keeps repairs to a minimum.

Your Heater Loses Efficiency

A well-maintained heating system is more likely to operate at optimal efficiency. But when you forget about maintenance (intentionally or unintentionally), the opposite happens.

The best thing about regular maintenance is that each part is checked and preserved—leaving your system running at peak performance.

You’ll Suffer From Poor IAQ

An inefficient heater can impact your indoor air quality. This is true especially for heating systems that operate with dirty and clog air filters. Without maintenance, the air filters won’t function as designed: to capture airborne allergens, pet dander, dirt, and dust.

While your heater pushes warm air into your home’s ductwork and vents, you’re more prone to respiratory-related illnesses caused by dirty air. That’s why it’s vital to keep in touch with your HVAC technician for maintenance to keep clean and breathable indoor air.

Your Ductwork Becomes Damaged

The longer your heater goes without maintenance, the more damage it gets. Some parts, particularly the ductwork, may break or crack. Even the smallest hole in the air duct can be a threat to your comfort.

Air leaks through those holes or cracks only mean that the warm air would be gone even before it reaches your home. With this, your system will have to work harder and longer to meet your desired temperature.

Shortened Lifespan

Your system may quit working sooner or later if it continues to operate without maintenance. When this happens, you may need a new heating system installed. But, you can avoid premature failure once you invest in routine HVAC maintenance. Plus, your system may live beyond its lifespan.

HVAC maintenance is an investment, not a costly expense. Schedule your heating maintenance in McKinney, TX with our experts at Harris Air Services. We’ll keep your system running at optimal performance.

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