Problems with air conditioners can be very hard to deal with during the summer, especially if you are living in McKinney, Texas. However, as much as we at Harris Air Services want to check out your AC unit, we have compiled some DIY tips for you so that you can solve some of your basic AC troubles on your own. This might save you time and money. These are some common AC problems that can easily be fixed on your own.

1.   Inadequate Airflow

When the airflow of your AC is weak, the reason is usually because it is clogged up. The most common reason for this is blocked up air filters. If dust and debris have accumulated in the air filters, air will have a hard time passing through it.You can easily solve this problem by changing your air filter or cleaning it. By doing this, you can get the air to flow smoothly again. You can change your air filters once a month to properly maintain it and make sure that there is adequate airflow in the unit.

If you have already done this but you are still having issues with airflow, then you might have leaks on your ducts. You can easily repair small leaks on your own. You can find the leaks by turning on your AC and checking the ducts with your hands. If there is air leaking out in a part of your duct, then you can easily put duct tape and seal the leak.

2.   Frozen AC

A frozen air conditioner can also lead to insufficient airflow. This is usually due to a frozen evaporator coil. If this happens, you can thaw your frozen AC unit on your own. You can do this by turning off your thermostat, and then turn on your AC fan high. After a number of hours, your AC will begin to defrost. If you have done this and your AC is still frozen, then you might be low on refrigerants.

3.    Blower Motor Won’t Start

Another AC problem you might encounter is when your blower motor won’t turn on. This could be because of a loose or tripped breaker. You can check your breaker panel. AC units usually have two breakers, one is for the condenser and the other one is for the fan. If it is tripped middle, try turning it off and on. If it doesn’t work and if the breaker continues to trip or flip whenever you try to turn on your AC, then you might need to replace it. The switch might be damaged or broken. If you have replaced it and it still isn’t working, then you wiring might be damaged. Unless you are sure about what you are doing, you can call us at Harris Air Services so that we can check your wiring and check your air conditioner.

4.   AC Won’t Start/Switch On

If your unit won’t turn on, one of the first things you can do is to check your thermostat. The problem is usually due to the wrong setting or if your thermostat has low battery. Another thing you can do is to check your fuse. If your fuse if broken, you can easily replace them. They aren’t that expensive and you can do this on your own most of the time. To replace your fuse, you can turn off the source of electricity and remove the fuse with insulated pliers. Then, replace it with a matching pair.

5.   Defective Sensors

If your sensors are defective, you can check the thermostat sensor at the back of the control panel of the AC. The sensors are located near the evaporating coil. Sometimes, the sensor gets displaced or moved from its original position causing it not to work properly. You can easily move it back to its original position.