There is no doubt that all of us want to stay away from the summer heat. We all want to be cool during this kind of season. Many people use or buy an air conditioner (AC) in order to help alleviate the scorching hot summer heat. However, aside from wanting to keep yourself cool, you should also make sure that you are utilizing your AC system as efficiently as possible to make sure that your bills don’t blow up. Plus, an added benefit is that you can help the environment if you make sure that you are using energy efficiently.

As the temperature increases, energy costs seem to be rising along with it. If you have an AC, this combination can certainly take a toll on your energy bills, and it might even cost you a significant amount money. Because of this, the only way you can combat expensive energy bills is to improve the overall efficiency of your home. Below are some tips you can follow so that can help with your AC’s effectiveness:

Clean Off the Debris from your AC Unit

You can clean off any debris off the housing of your AC to make sure that there is the right amount of clearance around. Leaves, feathers, and other elements can clog and pile up around your unit. It is important to clear the area around your unit. Bushes and other plants also grow, and they should be properly trimmed so that there is sufficient amount of clearance between them and your AC. This is so that you AC can work properly.

Check Your Air Filters

If you have read our blog you will notice a trend with how often we mention to change your air filters.  This is still the one of the most common issues we encounter when making service calls and it is one of the easiest ways to help your AC is work efficiently. You should check them regularly and clean them if they reusable or change them if they are disposable. It is also advisable to replace air filters with new ones monthly but at the very least every three months.

Cover or Keep Your Unit Shaded

You can install a cover for your AC unit to block of the heat of the sun during summer. According to the Department of Energy, AC units are proven to be much more effective if they are shaded.

Try Using Ceiling Fans

During summer, you can use ceiling fans in order to properly circulate air around your home. Ceiling fans can help with air conditioning, and they can keep a room cool instead of leaving the AC on and running non-stop. Ceiling fans also use significantly less energy.

Put Drapes on Your Windows

If you have windows that are exposed to the sun, you can cover them with drapes. You can also use blinds. There is also the option of using solar screens if you want more light to enter the room. Drapes, screens and blinds can protect your home from the sun and block heat from the sun. This can help in improving overall AC efficiency because the temperature in the room is also lowered.

Make Sure That There Are No Air Leaks

If your home has air leaks, fix them. If air continues to escape your home, you are making your unit work much harder than it needs to which adds up to a spike in overall energy costs.  Most people don’t realize it but having gaps around several of your windows and doors is almost as bas as having a window or door cracked, which brings us to the next point.

Close Doors and Windows

To keep your AC working efficiently, you should also keep windows and doors closed. If they aren’t, hot air can flow into your home or room, and it will affect the temperature. This can also stop your AC from working properly. Your unit will have a harder time cooling the room

Energy Efficient Lighting

There is also the option of using energy efficient lighting. Such products will bring out less heat compared to those ones that aren’t energy efficient. You can use compact or fluorescent light bulbs.

Use Timers

You can lessen the amount of hours your AC unit is running by using timers. You can program them in such a way that they turn on when someone is in the room, and off when there is no one in it. This way, you can save energy, and it will also ensure that your AC is working effectively.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can help regulate temperature. Programmable thermostats can ensure that your AC isn’t being overworked, because such thermostats automatically adjust. This way, you are sure that your AC is working at its optimum capacity and that it is working efficiently.

Regular Maintenance

To ensure that your AC unit is working efficiently, you should also maintain it constantly. You can follow the instructions on the manual on how it should be properly maintained. This will help you with the upkeep, monitor if your unit is working the way it should be.

Have A Professional Check Your Unit

Another way is to have it checked by a professional at least once in a year. An HVAC professional can determine whether your unit or system is in perfect condition and if all the functions are working correctly. Feel free to contact Harris Air Services. They offer various AC services, along with emergency maintenance services. They service both residential and commercial clients. Using your AC correctly can save energy and help the environment both at the same time.

Insulate Your Home or Room

To keep the efficiency of your AC, you can also insulate your home. You can install insulation on roof spaces, walls, ceiling, or even pipes. These can help reduce heat, especially during the summer. You can also insulate your hot and cold air ducts.

Keep Heat Producing Appliances Away

To make sure that your unit is working efficiently, you should also make sure that heat producing appliances like lamps are far from your thermostat. If they are near the thermostat, they can artificially impact the temperature of  your home, signaling the air conditioning to keep running beyond the set temperature.

Refrain from Using Your Dryer or Oven

During the hottest times of the day try avoiding the use of equipment like your dryer or oven. These appliances work directly against your home’s central air conditioning. The radiant heat from these appliances will actually increase the temperature of the air around them, which will eventually heat the overall temperature of your house. Additionally, depending on your power provider, you might have different power charges at different times of the day so by using the dryer or over at night, you can save more because the power utilized will cost less.

Attic Ventilation

Many people ignore attic ventilation, but it can actually help cool your home better. Installing ventilation can lower attic temperatures. This is turn will help your AC become more energy efficient up to ten percent.