My name is Blake Harris and I own Harris Air Services LLC in McKinney, TX. We are a fully licensed and insured air conditioning repair and replacement company. We are a family operated business and we also live here in McKinney and our children go to school locally. I wanted to introduce myself and blog a little about what was on my mind…  This time of year many of us are getting ready for family and friends to come into town to celebrate Thanksgiving. I wanted to remind everyone to test their heating systems before family arrives. Here in Texas the weather is not very predictable, so you never know when a crazy cold front will come through. Knowing that many people have not started using their heaters yet, why not test it before it becomes a problem? We recommend having a professional check your appliance for safety and reliability in the winter, but I am a realist. I know that most people only call when something is not working, often in a panic. Change your air filter, this can cause the heating to malfunction, then TEST the unit. Why pay a service company extra on Thanksgiving Day because you were trying to hold out as long as possible to turn the heater on. Testing it for a few minutes will not increase your bills noticeably, I promise. The other common problem we see ON Thanksgiving Day are that people shut off their own heating systems by accident. Many families go into the attic to get out the Christmas decorations. There are many switches in the attic that look like light switches. Most of out turn off switches out of habit not to waste electricity. The switch to your furnace or air handler looks just like a light switch! If you have been in your attic, please make sure you did not accidentally turn off the unit before calling a repair service. If you ever have any heating and air conditioning needs, visit or call us at 214-315-9722. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Blake Harris