Heating Repair Services

Your furnace breaks down and you find yourself in the middle of a cold winter nightmare: icy bedsheets, cold floor, freezing toilet seat and the list goes on. You want to scream but your chapped lips couldn’t even move. This is a nightmare so the plot’s a bit extreme, but Texas winters can be hard and long. A broken down furnace is no laughing matter.

But with a bit of foresight and preparation months before the actual cold weather comes in, you can guarantee yourself a blissful, cosy home where everything’s just warm and toasty.

It pays big time to get at least a bi-annual HVAC maintenance package that would give you a worry-free, comfy house all-year round at no extra expense.

For furnace or HVAC system repairs in McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Allen, and Prosper, Harris Air Services guarantees same-day repairs specially for preferred customers with Preventative Maintenance packages.

Here are 4 tips to ensure a warm and comfortable house come cold season:

Get at least a bi-annual Preventative Maintenance Package

Months prior to the cold months of Autumn and Winter, use a maintenance packages for checkups, troubleshooting, repairs, parts installation, cleaning and other services that would restore full functionality and performance to your heating system. You will definitely appreciate the results when the icy winds hit your front door. Preparation is key to a draft-free, cosy winter season.

Turn on your heater prior to the cold months

In the months where any equipment is unused, it gets stiff, cranky and dirty. Like a human who hasn’t exercised for a long time, heating systems might not be up to par by the time you  start it up again. To give it some exercise, turn it on for a few minutes or up to an hour every  month or even every other month to keep it in shape. Doing that also helps check if it needs any repair or some kind of strange noise is coming out of it.

Only get repairs from certified technicians

The team of NATE-certified technicians from Harris Air Services are  highly-trained on every brand and model of heating systems. They could do same-day repairs and will not waste time or money scheduling further tests and assessments because 90% of the time, they could solve the problems at hand.

Do not try to do a DIY on your furnace

Unless you are NATE-certified yourself and know by experience the ins and outs of a furnace or heating system, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to open your furnace to tinker inside! First, you might be breaking a manufacturer’s warranty requirements, second, you might be adding insult to injury and messing it up some more. Leave these things to the experts and you will actually find yourself owner of a better heating equipment than if you tried to fix it yourself.

So there you are, I hope you’ve found this article helpful in warming up your home when it matters.

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