How long will Freon last in my air conditioning unit?

How long will refrigerant (aka Freon) last in my air conditioning unit? The answer is that it should last forever unless you have a leaking system. Contrary to popular belief, units shouldn’t need to be re-charged every year.

We have many customers call into our office because their AC system is not working as well and it should, or not working at all. We sometimes find out the problem is related to a low refrigerant charge. This means you have a leaking system. At that point we would lay out the options. The best option is to perform a leak search and come up with a solution for the problem. We have many clients however that just want to “top off” the system. The problem with topping off a system is that it will leak back out. No one can tell you how long the refrigerant you are purchasing will last. It is NOT a repair, its a simple band-aid. Asking “how long will it last?” is a question that simply cannot be answered with any accuracy. Imagine having a nail in your tire. The tire leaks out enough air that you need to fill it up in order to drive the car. Do you know how long to air pressure will last? It could last 1 hour, maybe a day, or even a week. The one thing you do know is that it will leak out again unless you get it repaired. We are happy to “top off” refrigerant for our customers (within reason), but the technician will explain the risks. You might just be throwing away money to have cooling for a week.

Leaking systems cost more money to operate as well. They aren’t dependable and costing you money! As soon as the unit is topped out, its slowly leaking. When your unit doesn’t have a full refrigerant charge, it will use more electricity. Its also damaging your compressor in the process.

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