Unfortunately soliciting the services of an HVAC repairman is more or less inevitable when it comes to homeownership. Whether it’s furnace repair you’re needing, someone to work on your air conditioning, or faulty ductwork and ventilation, an HVAC repairman is the man for you. The big question is when to make the call? Take a look at these simple suggestions by season so you can anticipate when your next HVAC service needs might come around.


Spring is an excellent time to call in your HVAC repairman for the annual maintenance check-up of your air conditioner. You’ll be beating the rush by thinking ahead, and with all systems given a stamp of approval from your technician, you can rest easy that your AC will purr like a kitten come summer.


This is a busy time for any HVAC business as AC service calls come pouring in. If you’re having problems with your air conditioner, try some simple fix-it tips before you pay for a costly service call. Clean debris, dust, and dirt from around and inside your AC, and be sure to change the filter monthly. Also make sure your thermostat is working properly and set to the proper mode and temperature. If none of those seem to solve the problem, call in a pro. Don’t necessarily expect them to be on your doorstep within the hour, however. This a busy time for HVAC technicians and it may take them a while to fit you into their schedules.

Summer Part II and Fall

Towards the end of the summer months think about scheduling a routine furnace check-up and get your ductwork cleaned. Again, getting a jump on the crowd when it comes to scheduling a furnace tune-up can save you a number of headaches once the Mercury drops.


This is far and away the worst time to need service because it most likely means your furnace isn’t working and the house is cold! Before calling in a pro, check your thermostat to make sure it’s working correctly and take a peek at your pilot light to make sure it didn’t get blown out somehow. Also, make sure all of your floor registers are open and that you change your furnace filter every thirty days for optimal performance. If you’ve got bigger problems, call your HVAC repairman in immediately. Unlike air conditioning woes, a failing furnace can lead to other major home repairs as well, the worst of which includes frozen and busted water pipes. HVAC servicemen are aware of this, and usually go to great pains during winter to get out to you as quickly as possible.