Residential Air Conditioning Repair Services

You turn on your A/C anticipating blissful cool air, but instead of closing your eyes and saying “ahhh”, you frown and hear yourself say “what the…” (something unmentionable). Your A/C was chug-a-chugging itself into life and pitiful cool air was trying to get out of the vents, unsuccessfully.

You immediately spring into action, driven mad by dizzying heat, and frantically checks the filter, maybe the power cord is not plugged in properly? You hit the machine twice willing it back to life. No go. More expletives. You wanted to tear it apart and show off your DIY powers. Frustrated shout.

Sounds familiar? It shouldn’t be. You can prevent this scenario with regular maintenance and servicing by NATE-certified technicians who can give you accurate assessments and the best solutions for all your cooling problems.

Prevent an untimely breakdown (and a meltdown) by knowing when you need preventative air conditioning repair and maintenance services for your home:

  • Noise

Properly working and well maintained cooling systems are supposed to work efficiently and quietly. Any noise coming from your A/C is cause for concern. Don’t wait until it chugs like an old train before contacting a technician. By then it might be too hot, too late. Something might have clogged the motor or there’s a problem with the fan belt. Either way, do not try to open the unit as you might violate a manufacturer’s warranty! Keep your itchy DIY fingers to yourself or you just might make things worse and find yourself facing the possibility of buying a new one. Do yourself a big favor and actually save money by calling our expert technicians who were trained to troubleshoot these things.

  • Not cooling properly

A/C is blowing warm air or just a little bit of cool air even when turned to full blast. The inside  might be clogged with dirt, preventing air flow or the coolant simply needs to be replaced. Other factors might affect cooling capacity and a licensed technician can find out exactly which and what to do about it.

  • Less airflow

The obvious culprit might be dirty filters which needed to be replaced immediately. The inside of the A/C will probably be dirty too, hindering air flow. The blower should be checked too if functioning properly. There’s danger of less than desirable indoor air that might cause respiratory problems and more serious health risks. It’s imperative that residential air conditioners receive regular maintenance cleaning and checks to ensure safety of the homeowners.

  • Deteriorated Ducts and vents

With years of use, our air conditioners or HVAC system’s ducts and vents would have deteriorated due to wear and tear. If this is the reason your household is not getting optimal cooling, then it’s time to contact us to consider updating or installing a new and better unit to give you a more comfortable home for years to come.

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