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Is your air conditioning system malfunctioning? A faulty air conditioner can be troublesome and uncomfortable, especially when the summer season is in full swing.

Maybe it’s the perfect time to purchase new cooling equipment out there. Let Harris Air Services help you get the right comfort system for your home in Anna, TX.

If you wonder about air conditioning systems, you can read the following frequently asked questions by many homeowners to help you.

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Top FAQs About Air Conditioning System

An A/C installation is a big investment. That’s why it’s significant to know some of the things about air conditioners before handing out your cash.

We’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions to help you get answers to your questions about your comfort system.

Is it okay to keep my air conditioner working all day?

An average air conditioning system can operate for around 15 to 20 minutes on mild days. But your A/C can run almost constantly when the weather is too hot to keep your home cool. In conclusion, it’s okay to let your system work all day whenever you need it to.

Can I still use my air conditioner during rainy days?

A common misconception about air conditioners is that rain can damage them. It won’t harm your cooling system. However, deep standing water could. If the height of water goes beyond 15 inches, the moving parts and electrical components might malfunction. After the water regresses, we highly recommend calling an HVAC contractor to check on your system before restarting it.

Where is the best place to install my cooling system?

It’s a great idea or initiative to plan where your air conditioning system will be installed. Generally, split cooling systems must be installed in the center of your room if you want to cool or heat and ensure an even airflow indoors. You can also consider your bedroom. We highly suggest placing your cooling system in an area where the air does not rush directly over your bed.

What’s the best mode to use on my A/C during the summer?

Opting for dry mode is your best bet when it’s warm but not too hot outside and when you’re too sweaty. This type of mode removes excessive humidity from your room by cycling your compressor on and off for short periods. On the other hand, your fan can still operate at a low pace.

Should I cover the unit outside?

Thanks to modern technology, outdoor cooling systems can now resist even harsh winter weather conditions, removing the need for a cover. However, moisture or water can still cause your air conditioning system’s coils to freeze, harming your system over time. The moisture can seep in, whether it’s from the air’s humidity or the wind.

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It’s a lot better to hire a professional when you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system in your home. You’ll avoid mishandling of your system and sudden repairs. With Harris Air’s A/C installation services, our experts will guarantee uninterrupted cooling comfort during the summer, keeping your family comfortable.

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