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It isn’t easy to get through a hot day in the summer with an inefficient air conditioning unit, especially if your current system is too old. It might be the perfect time to upgrade your home comfort.

A brand new system offers a lot of benefits compared to your old A/C. A new unit will maintain consistent cool temperatures, keeping your family comfortable. Contact us at Harris Air Services. We offer fast and seamless A/C installation in Fairview, TX.

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What are the Different Types of Central Air Conditioners?

There are many central air conditioners on the market, whether you’re a homeowner wanting to update your system, a homeowner searching for available choices, or a business looking to install an air conditioner.

Split System

The split systems are known to be the most popular of all types. This system’s cooling components are located inside the house, while the heating components are outside, including the condenser and compressor.

The evaporator coil is housed in an interior cabinet. An air handler, typically included with the furnace, is also a part of this system type. The warm or cold air is sent via the ductwork by this handler. Lastly, the most crucial feature of the split type system is that both pieces are well matched for optimum effectiveness.

Package System

The whole package system is placed outdoors at ground level or on top of the roof, and it is self-contained, not broken up. A package unit includes the blower, coil, and condenser, all in one. Fully self-contained air conditioners come with refrigerant that can be installed on a rooftop or the ground. The unit must be level for your HVAC system to function correctly and effectively. An expert can also place the system on the roof as an alternative to cool the area below.

Mini-Split System

Like a split system, the mini-split system has an outside compressor/condenser connected to the interior air-handling unit. The interior units of a mini-split system are smaller and may be utilized to cool individual rooms or zones. These “zones” may also be created through a professional installation, connecting several units to a single outdoor unit.

Heat Pump

This system usually has two components: an interior air handler and an outside heat pump that works similarly to a central air conditioner. It utilizes the outside air to heat and cool a house as part of a central heating and conditioning system.

Split-system or packaged units are the two types of central air conditioners. It’s significant to pick the best A/C system for your house. With the right air conditioning system, you can ensure that you are comfortable, save money, and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

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