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It’s a common mistake to think that your air conditioner doesn’t need any help or maintenance. Without an expert’s regular servicing or tune-up on your system, your air conditioner will have trouble staying in top shape to keep you comfortable all summer.

You’ll probably encounter A/C issues in the long run. So, get A/C maintenance from reliable experts at Harris Air Services.

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HVAC & Air Filter Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Countless homeowners across the country enjoy having a furry friend. Unfortunately, they’re a never-ending supply of pet fur. Pet hair is produced when your dog or your cat rolls on the carpet. It sticks to furniture and falls to the ground with the dust. It flies up as you take a step or sit on the couch, and you can be sure it gets into your HVAC system, just like dust.

Pet Grooming

Brushing your pet regularly, according to experts, is the best method to keep pet hair out of your HVAC system. When you brush your dog, cat, rabbit, or other hairy creature, hair is taken up and placed on the ground. A few strands of fur might still be visible. But, the more fur you can collect with your brush, the less hair floats into the intakes and clogs the filter.

Replace Your Air Filters

You may fairly anticipate that if there is a source of filter-clogging material (pet hair and dander) in the home, your filters will fill up quicker than in a fur-free environment. Every three months or fewer, your filters or HVAC system will need a new filter.

At the absolute least, replace it every two or two and a half months. Keep an eye on your filters for signs of pet hair clogging and when they need to be replaced. In the long term, it’ll be a lot simpler. For A/C maintenance in Fairview, TX, contact a professional.

Purchase Better Air Filters

One of the most well-known allergies in the world is pet dander. While there are hundreds of pollen variations, for roughly 20% of the population, who are allergic, having a pet in the house is a sure source of allergies. This is a compelling argument to invest in higher-quality filters. You can call an expert for better filters or A/C maintenance.

Put Fence Around Your Outdoor Unit

Protect your outdoor air conditioner unit if your pets spend time in the backyard. This huge unit may appear to be a tank, yet it is vulnerable to pet attention for two reasons: The first is territorial peeing, and the second is fur. The easiest way to keep it safe is to place a little fence a few feet around it. If you need help, you can call a specialist for A/C maintenance.

Call Harris Air Services for High-Quality A/C Maintenance Services in Fairview, TX

We highly advise you to hire the right experts for your A/C maintenance. Harris Air Services has everything you need to keep your system in top shape all summer long. With our maintenance services, you can rest assured your air conditioning system will keep you comfortable when the temperatures get too hot.

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