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Do you want your heating system to work at peak efficiency throughout the colder months of the year?

Harris Air Services will get your heating system in Frisco, TX back on track and ready for winter. We always ensure that our customers’ heating equipment is safe to operate, so your family can stay warm and cozy at home this winter.

Do you want some pieces of advice for maintaining your heating system? We have you covered so, continue reading!

6 Tips for Comprehensive Heating Maintenance

In the winter, there is nothing more important than heating. Whether you have a gas or oil furnace, your home will need to be taken care of to make sure it stays comfortable and warm.

This blog post will give you six tips for comprehensive heating maintenance that can help keep your house running all winter smoothly long!

Replace Old, Worn Out Filters

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to heating is your filter. If you have a furnace, then it’s probably an electronic air cleaner. This type of filter uses an electrostatic charge or fibers that attract dust particles like magnets. It would be best to make sure this filter is cleaned every three months (at least).

Keep Gutters Clean

Make sure to clean out gutters seasonally to avoid any blockage that can cause problems. Make sure that both downspouts extend at least 3ft away from the foundation of your house and clear any leaves or dirt built up around the base. This will prevent water damage for years to come!

Check Your Furnace Blower Wheel & Motor Bearings

The blower wheel and motor bearings are other critical elements of your furnace which you need to keep an eye on. If they show signs of rust, staining, pitting warping, it’s time to replace them. In addition, you should also be sure to keep the blower wheel clean of any transformer oil that has dripped onto it.

Check Furnace Coils and Fins for Damage

Damage to the furnace’s coils and fins can lead to ductwork problems. Be sure to inspect your furnace’s coils and fins to ensure there are no signs of ruptures or bends that could cause issues throughout the year.

Check Your Water Heater Drain Valve

Ensure that your drain valve is clear to prevent any potential heating system issues such as corrosion, sediment build-up, and water leakage. When you’re doing this, be sure not to forget about checking out any overflow pipe too! The overflow pipe will help you determine if your water heating system has enough hot water reserves.

Schedule an Annual Inspection by an HVAC Pro

An annual inspection by a trained professional can help you discover any issues that could crop up. Be sure to have your furnace checked by an experienced professional who can check for damages, leaks, faulty blower motors, and many other potential areas of concern. That way, you’ll know exactly what needs to be taken care of before it becomes a severe problem!

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