It is expected to feel discomfort during the hot summer months. Scorching hot summers result to a rush of people going out to purchase an air conditioner. In some cases it can seem like simply getting a unit is more important than its energy efficiency. A lot of people are satisfied by just getting one so they can cool off; however, most people will notice the damage it does to their electricity bill.  Air conditioners remove heat from an area such as a room or building. The most efficient method to achieve this depends on the budget, space, and needs. If you’re looking for good cooling with efficiency, you should consider an energy efficient AC unit.

Energy Efficiency of Room Air Conditioners

The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured by the energy efficiency ratio (EER). The EER is the proportion of the cooling capacity to the power input. If the EER rating is higher, this means that the air conditioner is more efficient. In looking for a new air conditioning unit, you should consider this and look for the ENERGY STAR label.

Earning the ENERGY STAR Label

ENERGY STAR is the reliable and trustworthy government-approved symbol in terms of energy efficiency. It helps save money in protecting the environment through the use of energy-efficient products and methods.

The label was established to:

  • Lessen the productions and emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that are caused by inefficient energy use
  • Help consumers determine and have the ability to acquire energy-efficient products that help save on energy bills without losing performance and comfort.

How is the Label Earned?

Products can receive the ENERGY STAR when they are able to meet the energy efficiency requirements that are in the ENERGY STAR product qualifications. These conditions are based on the succeeding set of main guiding principles:

  • Product categories must be able to contribute major energy savings throughout the country.
  • Qualified products need to deliver the features and performance needed by consumers. This is included in the increased energy efficiency contributions.
  • If the certified product is priced much more expensive than a similar, less-efficient counterpart, buyers will recover their investment through increased energy efficiency. This can be seen in the savings on utility bills, within a certain period of time.
  • Energy efficiency can be attained through largely obtainable, existing, non-proprietary equipment presented by more than one company.
  • The energy consumption and performance of the product can be measured and certified with testing.
  • Labeling differentiates products effectively, and it makes it noticeable for purchasers.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Cold climate heat pumps or mini-splits have distinct advantages. Different from central AC, most are ductless. This helps save on installation costs. They also do not need to be replaced or removed yearly. They are very efficient, quiet, and they adapt well to areas or rooms. An added feature is that they can provide heat during cold seasons.

  • Doesn’t need to be reinstalled consistently
  • Zone-cooling friendly: Cool only the rooms you need to
  • Ductless

Central and Room Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems are able to circulate cool air evenly throughout a room. However, installing these systems can be expensive. Room air conditioning consists of window and portable types. They are recommended for enclosed spaces. You can also use window-sealing products to keep hot air from coming inside the room.

  • ENERGY STAR® certified units are 10-20 percent more efficient compared to conventional models
  • A higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) equals much more efficient cooling for all AC units

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