This is a common question we receive almost on a daily basis. You should always check a few basic things before you call for a air conditioning repair.

1. Check the breakers in the garage
2. Make sure your fan setting on your thermostat is in “auto” and that the thermostat is programmed properly.
3. When was the last time you changed the filter in your unit? Dirty filters will cause the system to freeze up and operate poorly.

If none of these things remedy your problem, your air conditioning unit likely needs to the serviced or repaired. Maintenance is recommended twice a year for you heating and a/c system. If you neglect maintaining the system, do not expect it to last as long as it should. Think about it like changing the oil on your car. “Do it yourself” maintenance is not the same as having a technician actually hook up meters and gauges to test the electrical system and Freon levels. Technicians often find problems before they become major.