If you live anywhere near Texas, you would know that it could get very hot and humid during the summer. Many homes are equipped with air conditioners to make sure that they can battle the hot summer months. However, when it comes to solutions for heating and cooling, unbalanced temperature can be a tough challenge. This is certainly true whether you are in your home, office, in a commercial establishment, or just about any place equipped with an air conditioner.

Because the average home in Texas is so large, if there is only one central air conditioning unit the temperature may become unbalanced or the unit may not keep the residence cool.  For example, if you have a house with two levels, then it would be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature upstairs an downstairs if you only have one air conditioning system. If you are living in Texas and you want to address these challenges, then you can consider installing multiple air conditioning units in your home.

Installing Multiple AC Units

When you install multiple AC units in your home, you can enjoy the experience of multi-zone cooling. This means that you are dividing your home into multiple sections. Among these areas, temperature can be controlled and adjusted. Having multiple air conditioners in your homes allows you to control the flow of air from various air condition units. The temperature of each room or area is now independent and each zone can have its own thermostat.

What are the Benefits?

But what can you really get from installing multiple AC units in your home? Having multiple AC units surely has its set of benefits. Aside from making your home more comfortable, it also allows you better control over your home’s overall temperature. If your units are also properly installed, then it will also help reduce your utility bills because multiple air conditioning units may come with other features that central systems don’t have. Below are some of the benefits of having multiple AC units installed in your house:

  1. Improves Comfort

Since you can enjoy multi-zone cooling with multiple AC units, you as a homeowner will be gaining more control over the temperature of each room. Other people living in the house will also be able to control the temperature as well. With central cooling systems, a certain temperature is set for the whole home. But with multiple AC units, you can adjust the warmness and coldness of each room or area. This means that the temperature in the living room may differ from the temperature in the bedroom. The living room can be colder than the bedroom. Multiple AC units allow others to set and enjoy their preferred temperatures.

  1. Saves Energy

Although having a multi-zone system with multiple air conditioners may seem complicated, you can actually save energy if you are using the system properly. It will provide better efficiency because you can set the temperature warmer in rooms that aren’t used that much during the summer. Rooms that aren’t frequently don’t need to be as comfortable. This means that this set up can help you save on your monthly energy bills.

  1. Other Conveniences

Multi-zoned systems that come with multiple air conditioners also have other comforts that you as an owner, can enjoy. Modern systems now come with remote controls that can be controlled from any place in the room. These remotes can typically control the fan and humidity, depending on the system. Another major benefit is the fact that temperature changes can now be done in the room that you’re presently in. This means that there is no need for you to walk around to the other side of the house to adjust the temperature.

Please contact Harris Air Services for any cooling issues you might experience this summer. Our technicians have the training and parts to get your home comfortable again.