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Local A/C repair, emergency A/C service, heater & furnace repairs, preventative maintenance, new system installations, air quality – if it’s important to your home comfort, it’s a Harris Air Services strong suit. We’re large enough to handle any project but small enough to be the helping hand from a neighbor you know.

A/C Installation

Old, loud, and wasteful vs. new, quiet, and efficient – you’ll gain a lot when you upgrade your cooling equipment. Let the Harris Air Services team help you find the perfect A/C  among Trane’s leading lineup of high-efficiency products. Our AC installation pros will make sure you enjoy maximum performance right from the start. 

A/C Repair

No need to fear A/C repairs. We’ll work to find the most effective, cost-efficient solution to your problem. When you call for emergency A/C service, our technicians can quickly diagnose, adjust, or make repairs to restore peak performance and efficiency. From central air conditioners to ductless types, we handle all makes and models. And in 90% of cases, our fully stocked trucks will be able to complete the project on our first visit.

A/C Maintenance

A/C maintenance is a must for peak efficiency and to maximize the lifetime of your system. Before the cooling seasons set in, consider having your system checked out by one of our top technicians. When you let things slide, small problems have a way of growing and putting comfort and reliability in jeopardy. For maximum performance and peace of mind, ask about our annual maintenance agreement. It’ll keep your cooling system running efficiently, extend its equipment, head off breakdowns, and save you money on repairs.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoor pollution! Fortunately, Harris Air Services offers whole home, in-duct UV air purifiers, and duct cleaning services that will send mold, allergens, bacteria, and viruses packing. If you want the purest, healthiest indoor air possible, ask us about our UV air purifying technology, air filtration, air decontamination, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers.

Trust Harris Air Services in McKinney, TX for all your heating and cooling needs. Whether you have an urgent emergency or you have scheduled maintenance, we are always ready to help. Call us today at (469) 325-1034 to discuss your comfort goals.