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Heat Pump Services in McKinney, TX

Hands on an HVAC gauge, testing a heat pump. Harris Air logo in top left corner.Harris Air Services provides top-notch heat pump services to customers in the areas of McKinney, Collin County, and Dallas–Fort Worth. Many Collin County homeowners use their heat pump as an air conditioner, but it can also heat your home during winter.

When you choose us as your go-to HVAC company, you can expect knowledgeable and experienced service every step of the way.

Contact us online to learn more about Harris Air’s heat pump services in the McKinney area.

Heat Pump Repair

When there’s an issue with your heat pump system, you need repairs ASAP. That’s where Harris Air Services comes in. We offer same-day heat pump repairs on all brands.

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to deal with a variety of issues, including;

  • Tripped breakers
  • Air that’s too hot or too cold
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • No power to the heat pump
  • Strange noises

Contact Harris Air Services online to schedule heat pump repairs today.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Heat pump unit outside a brick home.

Heat pumps move air from warmer areas in your home to cooler areas.

When it’s cold out, heat pumps pull heat energy from outside and move it inside. When it’s hot outside, the heat pump moves the warm air in your home to outside.

Heat pump systems have a reputation for highly efficient operation. They provide:

  • Odor-free operation
  • Year-round operation from the same unit
  • Lower utility costs

As an economical, reliable way to keep your McKinney home comfortable all year, a heat pump is a great choice. Whether you’re installing a new heat pump in your McKinney home for the first time, or replacing an older unit that’s reached the end of its service life, Harris Air can do it all.

Contact Harris Air Services if you’re considering heat pump installation or replacement.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump systems require regular maintenance. Running all year, their complex moving parts will periodically need attention. As with any HVAC system, we recommend professional heat pump maintenance every six months to keep your heat pump working at its best.

Scheduling maintenance once in the spring and once again in the fall ensures optimal heat pump operation year-round. This will keep repair costs and utility costs down in the long run and give you peace of mind knowing your investment gets the care it deserves.

Choose Harris Air for Your Heat Pump Needs in McKinney, TX

Since 2008, Harris Air Services has been striving to provide the best HVAC service in the McKinney area. Our customers enjoy many benefits of working with us, including:

Contact us online for more about Harris Air’s heat pump services in the McKinney, TX, area.

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