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Indoor Air Quality in McKinney, TX

Technician replacing HVAC air filter in a home.

Experts say indoor air pollutant levels are often two to five times higher than the outdoors. If your McKinney, TX, home leaves you feeling under the weather, you may have poor indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality solutions from Harris Air Services can help you breathe cleaner, fresher air that reduces respiratory irritations and allergy symptoms. We also install whole-home dehumidifiers that help you combat McKinney’s hot and humid temperatures, maintain indoor comfort levels, and lower your utility bills.

Need indoor air quality services for your McKinney, TX, home? Harris Air is the company to call.

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Air Purifiers

There’s an increasing concern about indoor and outdoor pollution levels. A quality air purifier reduces airborne allergens such as pollen and mold spores and captures bacteria, viruses, and wildfire smoke.

Also called air cleaners, additional air purifier benefits include:

  • Reduced harmful chemical pollution and VOCs from cleaning products, furniture, and building materials
  • Fewer airborne dust particles
  • Decreased COVID-19 exposure risk

Air purifiers with HEPA filters remove over 99% of airborne particulate matter circulating in your home’s indoor environment. Removing these pollutants can lead to immediate and long-term health benefits for your family, including better sleep quality and increased life expectancy.

Contact us today at 469-325-1034 to learn more about air purifiers for your McKinney home.

Air Scrubbers

Residential air scrubbers integrate with your home’s HVAC system to protect your home’s air from harmful pollutants 24 hours a day. This technology uses germicidal UV light waves and a specialized catalytic process to clean, freshen, and purify your home’s air and neutralize black mold and other pathogens.

They also help:

  • Banish lingering odors
  • Extend your HVAC system’s life span
  • Lessen allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Reduce monthly utility costs

Improve your indoor air quality with an air scrubber. Contact us today at 469-325-1034 to get started.


Proper air filtering systems paired with a standard or smart thermostat help you manage airflow throughout your home. An ENERGY STAR®-certified smart thermostat monitors whether you’re at home or away and adjusts the indoor temperature accordingly for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Contact us today at 469-325-1034 for a smart thermostat installation in McKinney, TX.

Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining your home’s indoor air quality results in a healthier and more energy-efficient environment. Our air duct cleaning services ensure your McKinney, TX, home is as efficient as possible. They can also help lower your utility costs.

Schedule air duct cleaning today at 469-325-1034.

Choose Harris Air Services

Harris Air Services is committed to making your home’s indoor environment as comfortable and enjoyable for your family as possible. We’re a process-oriented HVAC service provider that cares about your home as much as you do.

Other factors that set us apart include:

If you’re unsure about your home’s indoor air quality or know there’s a problem, we’re here to help.

Improving indoor air quality is beneficial to your home and your health. Contact Harris Air Services at 469-325-1034 today.

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