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When is the best time to purchase an air conditioning system?


This is a common questions that many of our clients ask. We often hear, “I am going to call you in the winter, when you are slow so I will get a better deal.” That is not generally the case. All major manufacturers run special promotions during the spring and fall months, not in December, January or February.

During a promotional period they usually offer some sort of rebate or special financing. When a manufacturer is offering these incentives is really when you will get the best deal.

Best Months to Purchase a New HVAC System

September, October, or November are the best months the purchase. For example, Trane is running a promotion right now. They are offering 72 months 0% APR (with approved credit) or up to $1000 trade in allowance on select systems.

So why the fall versus the spring you might ask? What consumers don’t often know or think about are price increases. All equipment manufacturers adjust pricing for January 1st. Like anything else, it never seems that the pricing goes down. They will offer a similar incentive in the spring, but the systems will cost more. Think about what that does to pricing in January or February. There are no incentives and every contractor was just handed their yearly price increase.

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