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How to Reset Your Trane AC Unit

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Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer BadgeWith average highs in the 90s, McKinney can get downright sweltering in the summer. The last thing you need is for your air conditioning unit to malfunction or lose power. Sometimes, a simple reset is all needed to get your Trane AC unit back up and running.

Whether due to a power outage, maintenance, or an unknown glitch, resetting your air conditioner can often solve the problem without needing professional repair.

In this guide, the Trane Comfort Specialists™ at Harris Air Services explain all the steps to reset your Trane AC unit safely and effectively.

Step 1: Turn Off the AC

Before attempting to reset your Trane AC unit, ensure the power is turned off. This is important for safety reasons and to prevent any electrical issues arising from working on an active system. Turning off the unit helps protect the internal components and ensures that the reset process can start from a clean slate.

Step 2: Locate the Circuit Breaker

Next, you’ll need to locate the circuit breaker panel in your home, usually found in the basement, garage, or utility room. The panel contains all circuit breakers that control the electrical flow to different areas of your home, including your air conditioner. Familiarizing yourself with the location of the circuit breaker panel is essential for this and other home maintenance tasks.

Step 3: Identify the AC Circuit

Once you’ve found the circuit breaker panel, look inside for the circuit labeled for the AC unit. Circuit breakers usually have labels indicating which part of the home or which appliance they control. Finding the correct breaker is important for resetting the right part of your electrical system.

Step 4: Switch Off the AC Circuit

With the AC circuit identified, flip the switch to the “off” position. This step is necessary to completely cut off the power supply to your AC unit. By doing this, you ensure the system is entirely shut down, allowing any minor malfunctions to be cleared.

Step 5: Wait for 30 Seconds

After switching off the air conditioner circuit, wait for about 30 seconds. This waiting period is important as it ensures the system is reset in its entirety. It gives the internal components the time they need to discharge any residual electricity and prepares the system for a fresh start. Patience is key in this step to ensure a successful reset.

Step 6: Turn On the AC Circuit

After the waiting period ends, flip the AC circuit switch back to the “on” position. Restoring power to the unit reconnects the AC to the electrical system, allowing it to operate again.

Step 7: Power On the AC Unit

Last but not least, return to your Trane air conditioner and turn it on from its control panel or thermostat. Once powered on, the unit should start functioning normally. Check to ensure the system is cooling properly, and there are no unusual sounds or issues. If the AC unit does not regain normal functionality, a greater issue may be at play that requires professional intervention.

Trust Harris Air Services to Repair Your Trane AC System

Following the steps above can help reset your Trane AC unit and resolve minor issues without needing air conditioning repair. However, if your AC system continues to malfunction, it’s best to contact the certified Trane Comfort Specialists™ at Harris Air Services.

Our team is equipped to handle any AC repair needs. We offer 24/7 emergency repair availability for your added convenience, with no hidden fees.

Schedule air conditioning repair in McKinney, TX by contacting our team online to book your appointment today.

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