Emergency HVAC Repair For McKinney and Surrounding Suburbs

Murphy’s law – If anything can go wrong, it will! However positive our outlook on life may be, there are just circumstances beyond our control and they happen at the worst possible time. Furnace breaking down in the coldest day of winter or air conditioning unit conks out in the hottest day of summer. Even if it’s not the coolest or hottest day, when an equipment you rely on to provide comfort for your home breaks down, it’s enough to send you into a panic state.
So you try to contact your old service provider and they tell you the bad news: earliest repair call would be in 3 days and couldn’t even be guaranteed because of a long waiting list. Bummer! 3 days?? or more??  Well lucky for you here’s the good news:

Harris Air Services Can Guarantee Same-Day HVAC Repair

Properly Stocked Trucks Ensure Technicians Have the Parts They Need

They have stocked trucks that have the capacity to assess and repair around 90% of residential HVAC system breakdowns. You don’t need to wait 3 or more days to have your unit serviced because these trucks are well equipped to provide parts and servicing your A/C may need.

Harris Uses NATE-certified technicians with bi-annual manufacturer’s trainings

Harris Air technicians have the proper certifications and trainings from cooling and heating manufacturers and will have the technical knowledge to conduct proper troubleshooting. You can rest assured that there’s no time wasted on guesswork and endless discussions. These technicians simply know what they’re doing and as with quality assessment, they will also give the best recommendations that will give you best value for your money.

Harris Air Services Can Install, Maintain and Service All Brands and Models

The experts at Harris Air Services are well-trained on every brand and model of HVAC systems. They could do same-day repairs and will not waste time or money scheduling further tests and assessments.

Harris Air Servicing a Reasonable Number of Customers

At Harris Air, the customer base is just a good, comfortable number so that all can be given premium service. This is specially great on peak seasons when unexpected breakdowns happen. One of the very reasons Harris Air is able to guarantee same-day calls and repairs. Go and see the testimonials in this page to see the excellent reviews from very satisfied customers.

It is really important that you get help on the dark day your HVAC system decides to stop working. Harris Air Services is ready and on-the-go to come to your rescue.

The best choice for all your cooling and heating requirements! Whether you are located in McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano, or Prosper, we will be happy to assist you.Call us now to get an estimate and guaranteed fair price for your cooling and heating needs.