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Air conditioners can experience normal wear and tear as they work to combat the summer heat—and yours is no exemption!

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AC and Duct Problems You Shouldn’t Wait to Repair

Summer is when your A/C has to be at its utmost performance. But because your system has been idle for a long time during the winter, some problems may come into play.

When you turned it on for the first time and noticed it’s not working as expected, then you know that something is wrong and it needs an immediate solution.  

Here are a few A/C issues you need to be aware of:

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant can become insufficient, either because it was undercharged during the installation or it’s leaking. If you think adding a refrigerant can solve the issue right away, you’re mistaken. The leaks need to be fixed, and the right refrigerant amount should be charged following the manufacturer’s specifications. Call the pros for the job.

Electric Control Failure

Electrical control failure commonly occurs when your equipment is inappropriately sized, causing frequent on and off on the system. Your unit’s fan controls and compressor can wear out due to recurrent short cycling. And since corrosion of terminals and wirings is also a common problem in any A/C, electrical contacts and connections can be compromised if not resolved early.

Dirty Air Filter and Ductwork

The extreme humidity can cause uncomfortable feelings. This is why you run your A/C and stay indoors to feel calm and comfortable. But what if your equipment blows dirty air and you don’t know it?

Dirt from your filter and air ducts may lurk inside your home as your system works, causing health-related issues and high utility costs over time. Regular filter replacement and duct cleaning are highly recommended to keep your breathing space clean and dirt-free.

Sensor Issues

Your A/C may have a thermostat sensor placed behind the control panel. The sensor measures the air temperature coming into the evaporator coil. If it is out of its proper place, your system may work abnormally, causing erratic operation or short cycling.

Blocked Outdoor Component

You should be mindful of your outdoor component at all times. Not because your indoor A/C blows cold air doesn’t mean everything is just fine. Vegetation, debris, dirt, and other elements might be obstructing your outdoor component, causing a dramatic increase in your energy bills. Debris impedes your system from working at full capacity and peak efficiency. 

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