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No one wants to deal with air conditioning repairs when the summer is in full swing, and the weather is too hot. Homeowners and families rely a lot on their cooling equipment to stay cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year.

Fortunately, you can turn to us at Harris Air Services when your A/C system malfunctions and cannot keep your indoor space cool. Our experts will give you the best solutions to get your system running again.

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Are you having trouble with your air conditioning system? All you need to do is call a professional to fix it. We have compiled signs that will tell your cooling system’s drain line is clogged so that you’ll know when to call an expert.

How to Tell if Your A/C Drain Line is Clogged

At first, it’s not easy to notice a clogged A/C drain pipe. But it won’t remain hidden for long. Every day, your central air conditioning system produces several gallons of condensate as it absorbs water vapor from the air to cool it. There won’t be any problem at this point unless something goes off against the schedule.

Mold Contamination

This situation will happen if the drain line is partially clogged and drains slowly. Overflows from your drip pan may be less noticeable. You should call an expert immediately because the water leakage concealed beneath the air handler can trigger toxic mold growth and rot the floor structure.

If you smell something musty near the air handler that doesn’t go away, it might be mold contamination below your unit.

Pooling Water

If you have a clogged drain line, it will quickly cause your drip pan to overflow. Additionally, every time your system cycles on, it will add more condensate, and the overflow continues.

The water will also spread across the floor surrounding your air handler. Occupants of the house might not be aware when it happens because the unit is usually installed inside an HVAC close or another enclosed space.

Wet Walls

If you’re experiencing a clogged A/C drain line, the water still needs to go somewhere. As it drips from your system, the water might seep into your wall close to the unit if it doesn’t have any place to go.

Does your wall feel damp when you touch it? If it does and it’s discolored, it’s an indication that you have to deal with a clogged drain line. Hire an expert immediately. Don’t leave this unchecked. Otherwise, you might end up replacing your wall, or the studs might rot. If it happens on the upper floor, your room’s ceilings below might get damaged.

System Shutdown

Some cooling systems have a drip pan sensor that turns off the power to the unit to avoid block overflow when your system’s pan is filled. If you try to start your air conditioning system, but it turns off again, you might have a clogged A/C drain pipe.

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When it’s about your air conditioning system, you can only rely on experts for quality services. At Harris Air Services, our industry-certified technicians will patch up your clogged drain line and get your system working again in top condition. We offer the best solutions for your cooling system in Anna, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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