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Your air duct carries millions of seen and hidden contaminants that are slowly harming your health and residential space. Because your ductwork doesn’t get cleaner over time, air duct cleaning is vital to improving your indoor air quality.

Harris Air Services provides professional duct cleaning in Allen, TX to protect your breathing space against unwanted visitors. We use industry-leading tools to ensure satisfying results with every visit.

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What Could Be Lurking in Your Ductwork?

Since ductworks are hidden in floors, walls, or ceilings, maintenance can be hard to implement. This is one of the reasons why homeowners forgot or ignored their ducts.

But did you know that your ducts can become a living space for different harmful particles? Here’s what might be lurking in your ducts:

Remnants of Pests

If your home had a history of pest infestation, then there could be a place in the house where remnants still exist—that’s in your ductwork. Even if your home is free from vermin, tiny carcasses from mice, ants, and other pests can still be found in the duct or are rotting away somewhere in the vent. Have your duct checked and cleaned to eliminate this problem.


This is a type of fungus thriving in damp areas. Mold is not just developed on basements or attics but also in your duct system, especially during humid weather conditions.

As the forced air from your HVAC travels over the mold, the spores break away and can be blown into your home through the vents. When this happens, the first one to suffer from infestation is your family member with health issues. Even if you’re not allergic to mold, you may also experience common symptoms like sneezing and coughing. Duct cleaning in Allen, TX is the solution to eliminate mold growth from your duct.


Have you noticed clouds of dust in your home despite regular cleaning? Then maybe the problem is your ductwork. Dust can accumulate in your air duct over time and can be blown into your home.

As the forced air moves through the duct, dust can emerge from your vent and into the air. Aside from settling on your furniture and other home fixtures, dust can also cause eye and throat irritation. But by having your duct cleaned regularly, you can keep all these dust particles at bay and enjoy a more breathable living environment.

Pet Dander

Regular dusting and vacuuming are not enough to get rid of pet hairs. As your furry friends stay indoors, their hairs may fall on surfaces, and dander may end up in your ducts. Besides the health hazards it gives, dander can even create a stale odor throughout your home. This is not so inviting, especially for your guests.

Your pets aren’t going anywhere, so find a solution for this issue. Regular duct cleaning in Allen, TX is all you need to keep the problems away.

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Your home’s duct system could dirty by now if you skip the annual cleaning for it. Contaminants and other airborne elements may thrive there and can be blown into your home, causing fatal health effects to you and your family.

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