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Looking for dependable HVAC services for your home or business? Call Harris Air Services LLC. Our dedicated licensed experts ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our finest, fast, and reliable heating installation services in Allen, TX.

Signs Your Heater Needs Help From The Experts

Do you have a problem identifying if your heater is running accurately or not? Does it take a lot of time before you get your desired temperature? If you happen to encounter one of these signs, call Harris Air Services immediately.

  • Foul Smell. A foul odor coming from a furnace is not a common occurrence. If you notice a foul odor from the heater, this could be a sign that your heater is malfunctioning or burning.
  • Weird Sounds. A malfunctioning furnace does make odd sounds, such as rattling, whistling, rumbling, thumping, and banging. Different sounds indicate a variety of problems like loose bearings, ignition problems, or unsecured ductwork. If you hear your furnace making weird noises, call us immediately.
  • High Electricity Bills. A malfunctioning furnace also affects the electricity consumption in your home. The system works harder to keep your home comfortable, which requires more energy consumption.
  • Dustier Air Ducts. A broken heater’s blower results in a dustier air duct. If you notice this, you better need to call an HVAC service.
  • Beeping Sound from the Carbon Monoxide Detector. Never ignore even the tiniest sound from your carbon monoxide detector because it may indicate trouble. Call an expert and leave your house immediately.

Advantages of Hiring Heating Installation Experts

During an HVAC issue, it’s important we know who to call for help. When you need heating installation service in Allen, TX, you can count on Harris Air Services for dependable services.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an expert for the job:

  • You Get an Energy-Efficient Heating System. There’s no denying that an HVAC system contributes to the energy consumption of your home. At Harris Air, we affirm that we install our HVAC equipment properly and maintain it regularly to ensure it works efficiently all year round. A heater that’s installed by the pros is guaranteed energy efficient, so you’ll save a lot on your heating bills.
  • Excellent Air Filters. One of the advantages of getting an HVAC service is to filter the air inside your home. With our innovative and exceptional cooling and heating system, we will restrict toxic air from entering the house.
  • Balanced and Even Temperature. A properly installed heating system can maintain a comfortable temperature level that you desire. At Harris Air Services, we ensure that we only use a trusted HVAC brand for our heating system.
  • Less Maintenance Needed. HVAC systems need maintenance and regular check-ups to stay efficient while in use. Harris Air Services offers advanced and innovative HVAC systems that only require minimal maintenance. Less care is cost-efficient and budget-wise, which is an advantage to lessen your bills.
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We Have the Solution You Need!

An efficient heating system needs a technician’s expertise. It also requires the right tools and equipment to secure a comfortable home during the winter. Do not fret and contact us if you need HVAC services. Our well-trained team will take action immediately to give you a reliable service. We have a wide variety of heating equipment suitable for your comfort needs at a reasonable price.

Do not risk your safety with cheap and unreliable HVAC services. Make a wise decision by calling our team at 469-325-1034 for an excellent heating installation service in Allen, TX.

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