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4 Tips For Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor For You

Leading HVAC Company in McKinney, TX Shares Simple Guidelines for Choosing an HVAC Service Provider

McKinney, United States – June 11, 2021 / Harris Air Services LLC /

How Should I Choose An Air Conditioning Repair Company?

Selecting an air conditioning repair company in McKinney, TX can be difficult. There are a few simple guidelines that we recommend below:

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Choose a Local Business

Companies that cover the entire DFW area have a slower response time. It is especially true if a warranty problem pops up unexpectedly. Large box stores are notorious for giving same-day service when you are spending money, but their service magically gets very slow if you have a warranty issue.

By choosing a reliable local air conditioning service provider, you can expect faster service. At Harris Air Services, we service McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano and the surrounding areas. We keep our service area a reasonable size to maintain a high level of customer service. We offer same-day solutions and follow-up care quickly if needed.

Check BBB & Google My Business (GMB) Rating

Check out the contractor with the BBB and Google their business name. Their ratings and score will tell you a lot about the contractor. A higher GMB rating means you’re dealing with a reliable HVAC contractor.

Choose a Licensed Contractor

HVAC jobs in McKinney, TX are not for a handyman. Make sure the company is licensed by the State of Texas. Anyone without a proper license is breaking the law. These laws are made to protect you as a homeowner.

Harris Air Services is a regulated business. You can go to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website to verify.

Verify the Experience

Check the length of time the company has been in business. Many companies will make false claims about the year they started, but you can easily verify that through the BBB and other sources on the internet. Also, it’s an advantage if the contractor has experience with your AC model. So don’t forget to ask if they did an installation, repair, or AC replacement in McKinney, TX of the same unit in the past.

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Harris Air Services is a locally owned and operated company specializing in residential HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance in McKinney, TX and surrounding areas. The company is the best resource for heating and air conditioning services in the city since 2008.

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