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Anna A/C Specialists Explain How They Professionally Install an A/C

HVAC Pros in Anna, TX Discuss Their A/C Installation Process

McKinney, United States – August 6, 2021 / Harris Air Services LLC /

How Do Experts Install an A/C Unit?

If your old air conditioning system in Anna, TX needs too many repairs, it’s time to get a new unit. Transitioning to an energy-efficient model is an excellent choice. It will not only keep you cool throughout the scorching summer months, but it will also save you money.

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Here’s a thorough explanation of how experts install an A/C unit:  

Cleaning and Sealing of Ducts

After the measurements have been taken, the ducts must be cleaned and sealed before the air conditioner can be installed. Installing a brand new air conditioner on a system with dirty ducting might be a nightmare in the long term.

The purity of your ducting determines the quality of air in your home. Before installing an air conditioner, have the ducts cleaned and sealed by a skilled expert. Call a professional today for A/C installation near Anna, TX.

Make a Clear Path

Clearing the path is the third and last stage for air conditioner installation. You’ll need to clear the area where the A/C will be installed, as well as the adjacent areas. Stairs, porches, and corridors near the air conditioner should all be clean and clear. The surrounding areas should be free of yard trash and leaf heaps to make the installation process as simple as possible.


A typical air conditioner has two parts: an inside unit and an outdoor unit. The installation of an interior unit is the initial stage in air conditioner installation. Then, the contractor will find an appropriate area on your internal wall based on the measurements discussed in the preceding paragraphs. The indoor unit is then mounted after holes are drilled in the wall. Call a professional today for an HVAC replacement in Anna, TX.

Make a Hole

Drilling a hole in the wall near where the air conditioner is installed is the next stage in air conditioner installation. Drilling a hole isn’t necessary because this hole spans the space and connects your indoor and outside units.

Setting It Up

After your technicians installed the air conditioner, they will need to connect the wiring. Running the piping and wiring through the newly drilled hole is an important step in air conditioner installation. The entire bundle must be securely taped together with high-quality electrical tape. It should also be wrapped in a PVC tube.

Keeping the Indoor Unit Safe

Now that the mounting is complete, the indoor unit of your air conditioner must be installed. Putting an indoor unit together is similar to putting together Lego toys. These components, however, are hefty, and bringing them together requires a powerful push. Your contractor only needs to run the wiring and pipes through the hole we bore in the third paragraph now that the interior unit is secure.

It’s Time For the Outdoor Unit/Condenser to Kick In

Only half of the job has been completed thus far; the outdoor unit must still be installed. Your air conditioner requires cool air to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. That air, on the other hand, needs to come from somewhere. The condenser can help in this situation. Your outside condenser is a large unit that requires warm air from the outside to provide cold air to the internal unit.

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Contact Us for Quality A/C Installation in Anna, TX

Don’t settle for less when it’s about your indoor comfort. Let Harris Air Services‘ experts handle your air conditioning installation project. We’ll ensure that your system will be properly installed so that you’ll stay comfortable throughout the summer. Contact us at 469-325-1034 to get started.


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