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A properly installed heating system can provide the warmth you’ll need on colder days. To guarantee proper installation, trust no one but the professionals.

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What are My Heating System Options?

Heating systems come in various types. Understanding your options can help a lot in finding the right system for your home.


A furnace, also called a forced warm-air or ducted warm-air distribution system, is the most common type of heating system. It is powered by either natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil and works by blowing heated air through the ducts, which delivers the warm air to your space via grills or air registers. Older furnace models waste around 30 percent of the fuel energy. Fortunately, current models have become much more efficient. The best furnaces you can find in the market today have efficiencies of 90%.


A boiler distributes heat in hot water instead of carrying heat in warm air. It uses a pump to circulate hot water via pipes to radiators, but some models use plastic tubing to circulate the hot water. Boilers also come in different types but the most common in homes today is the residential boilers. They usually use heating oil or natural gas for fuel. There’s also the steam boiler, which uses natural gas and oil. However, they are less common these days. 

Heat Pump

A heat pump is just a two-way air conditioner. It can be used to heat and cool your home. Convenient, isn’t it? Instead of generating heat directly like a gas furnace, this type of heating system uses electricity and refrigerant to transfer heat. Hence, it tends to be much more efficient than its counterparts. On the downside, they aren’t ideal for places with temperatures that usually dip below freezing.

Electric Heater

Electric heaters are affordable and portable. It works like a clothes iron or toaster, converting electric current from the wall socket directly into heat. But it needs a lot of electricity to provide the same amount of heat that an oil or natural gas can provide. Therefore, it is costly to use. It may be a good option if you only need to heat a single room.

Finding the right heating system is one thing; ensuring the system is installed correctly is another. So for your heating installation needs in Anna, TX, always go to pros. 

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The types of heating systems listed above do not cover everything available in the market. There’s actually a ton of options, and finding which one of them is the best for heating your home can be quite overwhelming. But fret not. When things are uncertain, you can always seek help from our pro HVAC technicians. We’ll be more than glad to help you find the best heating system for your home.

Harris Air Services has a complete range of heating equipment suitable to varying comfort needs.

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